Unfolding Eternal Bond….Mom & Me !!

July 10, 2019

Hello Supermoms! I am Collarwali, another supermom like you. Some of you may know me, I am the grandmom Tigress from Pench. Some of them called me MATARAM, the great grandmother from Pench forest as most of the tigers in Pench are from my lineage.

But I am trying to connect with you not to tell about me but know more about you and tell you about something special!! You know, I had four little ones in my every litter and I could raise all of them successfully! All the seven times (yes I had seven litters!)!! And you know why I could do that, because I had a greatest asset by my side, TIME!!

Just take a deep breath and think about the last time you had peacefully sat with your little ones and had a long chat or joined them in their silly games or participated with them in painting, singing or dancing!! Hard to remember, isn’t it! But don’t feel guilty, it’s not you to be blamed, it is just the hectic urban life you guys are tied up to! All you supermom pull up the herculean task of managing your workplace, home and try your best to be there for your kids and hats off to you for that ! But most of the time you just end up being a provider and not a parent.

Yes, you do take them to movies, shopping malls; provide them will expensive toys, yummy food, video games, iPads; but where is Connect between you two! During shopping you may be busy in finding good things for them, at movies both of you glued to the screen, in their annual functions, you are in audience and they are on stage! At home you are busy in kitchen and other household chores and they are buried in homework, projects and yes all the stupid gadgets which make them linger in virtual world and disconnect from the Original!

Have you ever got a chance to spend undistracted 24 hours at a stretch with your little ones and bond with them without any distractions?

Wow!! A real reality check!! Isn’t it?

Do not feel bad! You are not the only one in this situation, most of you are in troubles like these! But now there is an opportunity to separate yourself from the guilty crowd and reconnect with your kids!

I heard that Team Nemophilist has just announced a Mom and Me special excursion on 30th Oct to 2nd Nov 2019. This one is specially crafted experience where your will spend three full days and nights (yes its 72 hours at stretch) only and only with your kids without any disconnections or disturbances like office, home chores, their schools, classes etc. Exciting?? In this excursion you will have jungle safaris, nature walks, bon-fires, story-telling sessions and that too in the famous forest of Pench, which is the real Mowgli Land!

Wouldn’t it be awesome be with your kids by sitting next to them on a safari when they would see their (and probably yours too) first Wild Tiger amidst a thick, pristine jungle! Taking a walk into lap of Mother Nature by holding the hands of your most precious gift!! Don’t you wish to just lie down in the green grass with them looking up to millions of stars in the sky! Or on a winter night tell them stories under a cosy blanket sitting next to a bonfire! Imagine, these memories will be itched in both of your minds forever! These 72 plus hours will be exclusively yours and will be forever!

You must have seen wildlife on television many times together, but going in a safari vehicle, breathing the fresh air, feeling the serene forest and getting introduced to the animal world at first hand, wouldn’t it be a real learning experience for them than just by knowing about them from books or television or web!

And trust me, Team Nemophilist is not just another wildlife tour operator! All them are wilidlifers first by heart them the tour mentors! Each of them brings together their immense experience of more than 275 wildlife safaris, 95 wildlife related expeditions and many nature walks and camps! They are the right team for your exclusive MOM & Me experience.

I am sure that you guys are already excited and made your plans to hop on the expedition! Great choice Super Girls!! You won’t regret signing up for this expedition, in fact you would do more and more of such activities.

So, what are you waiting for, connect with them by phone, web or email as given below. The team would help you right from booking your transport, guidance on the essentials of the tour, on-tour specialised assistance and yes an amazing personalised experience!!

And yes please spread the word with your friends who were longing for such opportunity since long time!

Looking forward to meet you in my kingdom, Pench! I will be there with my little ones, will you be with yours?

The Nemophilist

+91 98810 70011



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