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We are located at Pune, Maharashtra, India. A group that has rich wildlife experience of 27 plus man-years; we continue our fathomless journey of learning about wildlife and so far we have explored & been photographed in more than 35 wildlife destinations that include jungles, coast and Himalayan ranges; our 225 plus wildlife safaris witnesses wide-range of flora & fauna, amphibians, mammals, birds, reptiles, carnivores, and invertebrates.

Our Proud Guides


Abhay Uzagare – Jalgaon

Senior Zoologist

I am founder Chairman of NEW Conserver – Jalgaon a NGO working for Nature Environment and Wildlife – Conservation, Protection, Study and Research @ Jalgaon, Maharashtra since 1995.

I am associated with Forest Department of Maharashtra in various capacities with 45 years field experience.

Visiting Faculty at ‘Dadasaheb Chaudhary Forest Training Institute’ @Pal, Tal – Yawal, Dist – Jalgaon Since 2010.


Invited Non Govt member of “Maharashtra State Wildlife Board” for many Constituted Committee’s & assigned important task and issues.
Was member of an important committee constituted by Forest Department of Maharashtra on advice and directions of Government of Maharashtra
To Study & Analyse Impact of Sheep & Goat Grazing on Reserve Forest Area land of 2 Districts of Maharashtra State i.e. namely – Jalgaon & Buldhana.
About which conditional permission was given for a span of 2 years.
After Analysing, Studying Observing, its impact and consequences on Forest area, Wildlife & Environment this permission may be granted permanently all over Maharashtra which will depend upon final report of the Constituted Committee.
As committee for 2 years we repeatedly visit the area, *Study the Soil Quality, *Growth of Grass and it’s changing pattern,
*Effect on wildlife & chage in their life cycle and behaviour, *Study of Environment around,
*Study of Wild & Pet animals to record & check spread of any deases,
After 2 years stydy we found many Nagative things and impact on Wildlife, Environment & Mainly on Soil
So we categorically and unanimously Turn Down & Rejected this demand & proposal.
I am sure that due our committees Efforts, Study & Research and finally our clear report We Save Reserve Forest Wildlife depend on it from Extinction

Member of an Important State Level Committee Constituted to Study, Analyse impact of ever growing incidences of Poaching and Illegal Trafficking & Trade of “Pangolin” in Maharashtra.
And to suggest Remedial Measures & Ways to minimise & Stop it.

Invited as an Expert Member to work for Maharashtra State Wildlife Board – To Suggest views and opinions and to write a portion of detail & comprehensive plan of Maharashtra State for Conservation & Protection of Wildlife & Forest for next 10 Years [2023 To 2033].

Associated with a German University Team (PHD Student & his Guide of – George – August Universitat, Gottingen, Germany) as an Expert for their Study Project in India – “Impacts of agricultural land use on migratory birds in fragmented grasslands of peninsular India. [October 2022 TO March 2023].
Which was completed Successfully.


Invited Expert member of Maharashtra State Biodiversity Board (MSBB) for Butterflies. Worked with them as an Expert for giving names to Butterflies found in Maharashtra in Marathi.

District Biodiversity Advisory Committee member of Jalgaon District.

Received Prestigious “Vasundhara Sanman Award” [First For Khandesh – North Maharashtra Area] given for outstanding achievements & extra ordinary work and efforts in the field of Nature – Environment & Wildlife Conservation – Protection – Study by Kirloskar Industries & Club Vasundhara.


Muzaffar Shaikh – Nemophilist


I am often asked, “What do you like about it?” or “Why do you always want to go there?” And sometimes, I find myself wondering how to put it into words. But the truth is, it is the only place where I truly find myself, where I experience the purest joy, and where I feel an undeniable sense of belonging. The jungles, they have captured my heart.

From a young age, I was drawn to wildlife documentaries, spending more time watching National Geographic than cartoon shows. It was the captivating films showcasing African wildlife that ignited my passion for wildlife observation and photography. I was enthralled by the intricate shots of African lions hunting wildebeests, leopards ambushing gazelles, cheetahs effortlessly outrunning their prey, and hyenas displaying remarkable intelligence. Then, one day, a film on tigers and Indian wildlife aired, and at the age of 15, I made up my mind—I wanted to explore and witness the wonders of wildlife in India.

Since then, I have embarked on a remarkable journey, having the privilege of encountering and photographing a myriad of fascinating creatures that inhabit Indian forests. This journey has been filled with both triumphs and challenges, but I take pride in some of the accomplishments I have achieved along the way:


  • Working with the Forest Department of Assam, Kanha and Maharashtra on various bio-diversity projects
  • Co-authored the book of “Bio-Diversity of Manas National Park”
  • Co-authored the book of “Butterflies of Kanha National Park”
  • Winning the Kirloskar Vasundhara photography competition held in Jalgaon in 2014 and 2018
  • Having my photos displayed in the prestigious DJMPC exhibition in Coimbatore
  • Showcasing my photos in various exhibitions held in Pune
  • Having articles on Nagzira and Corbett published in magazines


So, if you ever come across a seemingly eccentric individual sitting by a serene lake in the forest, or perched on a mountainside, intently observing the birds and animals around, chances are, it’s me!


Tushar Shinde – Nemophilist


Let me introduce myself. I’m Tushar, and I’ve been immersed in the IT industry for a whopping 22 years.

You see, for the past ten years, I’ve been pursuing my interest: wildlife photography. My lens helps me towards contributing to a cause I deeply care about – spreading awareness about wildlife and its conservation. I believe in using my skills and love for photography to make a difference.

A founder member of the organization ‘The Nemophilist,’ and part of an incredible NGO dedicated to wildlife conservation N.E.W. Conserver, Jalgaon. It’s a true symbiotic relationship.

I’m truly passionate about what I do. Whether I’m out in the wild capturing breath-taking moments or sharing my learnings with others, I’m driven by the desire to create awareness and inspire people to protect our natural world.

So, keep an eye out for our Wildlife & Birding Explorations. I’m not just a corporate guy; I’m a nature enthusiast, a wildlife advocate, and a photographer on a mission to make a positive impact. Truly hoping and  working towards a future where wildlife is valued, protected, and cherished.


Siddhartha Sharma – Nemophilist


A Banker by profession with a keen interest in Nature and conservation. He calls himself infected with Obsessive Compulsive birding and herping disorder. Siddhartha has keen interest in snakes and reptiles.

Siddhartha has a done several Safaris and walking trails in most parts India, he has also participated in bird census in many of the important bird areas. He has extensively covered Munsiyari, Mishmi Hills, Assam, Jim Corbett, Rajaji National Park, Satpuda, Kanha, Bandhavgad, Panna, Sattal, Goa, Pilibhit, Konkan, Dandeli, Radhanagari and many other lesser known parks.

He has won 2 photography contests on nature conservation, his travelogues have been featured in several websites of international repute. He is a wildlife blogger as well and is currently working in writing booklets on anecdotes related to legendary Salim Ali’s travel to various places in India in quest of documenting the avian fauna of India, he is also writing a story book for Children focussed on making kids aware of nature and introducing them to bird watching and conservation.

Siddhartha loves spending time with Kids and follows his hockey and cricket.

He also aspires to be a stand-up comedian.


Karthik Raman – Nemophilist

Behavioral Scientist

After a rocking 15 years of banking experience, I moved on to pursue my passion for wildlife and travel photography in December 2019. It was this time when I was mentored in photography by The Nemophilist Experts.
Participated and continue to participate in National and International Photography Salons and have received 500+ acceptances and 15+ National and International awards in various genre of photography i.e. Nature (includes wildlife), Travel and Creative (Colour and Monochrome).

One of the Key initiators of the 1st Butterfly survey conducted in Kanha National Park / Tiger Reserve in September – October 2022.

Member of Youth Photographic Society, No 1 photography club in India.

I believe in showcasing art in photography and to keep improvising on my knowledge and experience.

My special Interests

Winged beauties (Butterflies).
Wildlife and Travel photography
Nature conservation

Today, as The Nemophilist family, I look forward to host you on our excursions and photo tours and share my experience with you.

Customers Love Us!

Apart from the rich wildlife experience we provide, we regularly contribute in various ways to assist local forest departments.
We treat our customers as friends and can blend well with different age groups.
Some of us, by professions, are graduated in Engineering, and others are specialized in Business Administration. We carry 10 to 20+ years of professional experience in the software industry and banking. We are TheNemophilists at heart.
The definition symbolizes our deepest, passionate and sincere affection towards nature and wildlife, this is our source of inspiration for photography.  

Holistic Approach

We believe that a holistic approach and an aware & enabled eco-system are non-negotiable aspects of sustainable conservation of wonderful nature. Therefore, we conduct specialized sessions for children to inculcate awareness.

Cost Effective

The most cost-effective, yet rich in providing incomparable wildlife excursion experiences across India. We know the best approach the minimize the costs which will in-turn benefit our customers.

Wildlife Photography

We provide incomparable wildlife experience and learning. Our rich wildlife photography experiences extend contribution towards conservation by capturing timeless wildlife moments.

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