Roads across Central Highlands of MP-4 – Emerald Green of Panna

Landscape of Panna 1

After bidding adieu to Bandhavgad, we left for the Panna Tiger reserve, our final destination of this long trip. Of all the famous wildlife abodes that we were to cover in this trip like Kanha, Bandhavgad and Satpuda, Panna was perhaps the most anticipated destination. The reason for the heightened anticipation was the awe it […]

Roads across Central Highlands of MP-3 – Beaming Bandhavgad

After unrelenting fog, we packed our bags from Kanha and left early so that we reach Bandhavgad timely. Lunch as usual was on our minds which we decided to forego for the sake of reaching earlier. As we were traveling on the bad roads that leads out of Kanha on the right side of the […]

Roads across Central Highlands of MP-1 – Satpura National Park

Satpura National Park…       After months of planning and hours of telephonic conversations 4 of us decided on our final travel plan and after doing all the bookings, lining up all the contacts and arranging all the road maps “Wilderness Explorers” as we called our group met in Bhopal on to accomplish our […]

Roads across Central Highlands of MP-2 – Tryst with Kanha National Park

IMG 1422

THE JOURNEY: Post finishing our short exploration of Satpuda on a boat ride and mega opening of the tour courtesy sighting of huge crocodiles in Denwa backwaters, we had our agenda cut out. Mend the lesser damaged wheel of our car so that one can act as a stepney and after exploring a few shops […]

Calls of Konkan – Excerpts from Birding in and Around Konkan

Calls of Konkan If one feels that life is getting unrealistically fast and furious, traffic is getting on to your nerves and your mundane job is making you a computer horse, here is a good place away. A place so far away that it even makes one forget the meaning of fast life, targets, deadlines, […]